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Over the years I have had appointments with both NHS and private audiologists and had various aids from both sectors. Piotr is without exception the most professional, helpful and charming audiologist I have encountered in many years of struggling with my hearing loss.

Farah N Patient

Thank you for changing my life so completely with my new 'ears'.

Louis H Patient

Just to say thanks for today. You confirmed l didn't need micro suction but simply by having my hearing tested you actually confirmed l had very little to worry about at all. Excellent service with a personal and friendly touch.

Lee H Patient

What a wonderful man! He is everything you said and more. He did a wonderful job and I can hear perfectly in that ear now. What JOY! I was so impressed, worth every single penny, I can tell you.

Alice G Patient

My husband had not been looking forward to the fact that he has to wear hearing aids and was exceptionally down at the thought. However, Piotr made the whole experience an enjoyable one to the extent that my husband has taken to his new hearing aids like duck to water! He cannot believe how much he can now hear and also for me it is such a pleasure to have the television turned down to a normal volume level!

Marjorie S Patient

If you need to have a hearing tests or you are concerned about earwax or any other ear problems I can highly recommend Piotr Swiatek at Fountain Therapies in Handcross. A lovely multi therapy practice. Piotr is their resident audiologist. I went to him to get help with my hearing loss and the tinnitus I have had since I was a child. Piotr made me feel at home straight away. He explained what he would be doing every step of the way and how after the tests he could show me the printout so I could decide what to do next. One swift check was done to see if I had any earwax. There was none so I took the test which took a mere 10 minutes. Once done Piotr then explained the next steps. Piotr seems to me to be a complete expert in all he does. He makes sure you know exactly what to expect. He also makes sure you are always comfortable during the tests and explains what to do next. I highly recommend him for all hearing issues.

Barbara H Patient

Highly recommend Piotr, he removed a heap of hard wax from my son’s ear just recently. In fact, I asked for recommendations here and found him through that.  Not at Ashtead hospital but at another clinic and he does home visits too.  My son commented how kind and gentle Piotr was, and that the treatment did not hurt. (I wasn’t there, my husband took him)  I feel bad not getting this done sooner, we knew there was ‘a lot’ of wax there and that it was really bothering him at times. Oil did nothing over a few years. Huge lumps came out!!  Thank you Piotr!!

Kristi Patient

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