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Our Services

Audiology Plus offers an array of services to determine the right solution for everyone.

Hearing Assessment

Audiology Plus provides a comprehensive diagnostic hearing assessment to determine the type and severity of the potential hearing loss. Depending on the results of the hearing assessment, the client can be referred to the GP or ENT consultant for further investigation.

Hearing Aids

According to the results of the Hearing Assessment, the client and audiologist can work together to decide whether hearing aids will or can be beneficial for the individual’s lifestyle. Audiology Plus provide a wide range of modern digital hearing aids from various manufactures such as Oticon, Widex, Phonak etc.

Tinnitus Management

Tinnitus can affect people in different ways. Most are not troubled by it as they have learned to live with it, but some may find it difficult to cope with. Audiology Plus provides Tinnitus assessment, counselling and management, offering noise generators with amplification and tinnitus maskers.

Ear Impressions

Audiology Plus provides a range of custom made noise protection ear plugs and custom made swim plugs. We also offer ear monitors for musicians, noise protection plugs, ear defenders, covert equipment for surveillance purposes, custom Shooting Plugs, and in the ear communication & noise protection for motorsport.

Ear Wax Removal

Ear wax can easily become impacted in the ear canal causing a blocked feeling, earache or ear infection, itchiness, tinnitus and dizziness. Also ear wax can interfere with the effectiveness of the hearing aids. Audiology Plus provides quick, safe and effective ear wax removal using a microsuction and curette technique according to UK standards. GP referral is not required. You can be seen at the Audiology clinic or in the comfort of your home.

Home Visits

Not everyone is able to get to the clinic for medical treatments. Audiology Plus will use portable equipment to provide audiological assessment, hearing aids fitting, hearing aids repairs and ear wax removal in the comfort of your home. Home Visits are suitable for all clients, GP referral is not required.

Hearing impaired people are often subjected to prejudice and misconception.

We strive to remove that stigma by providing personalized care, education and the latest technology to our patients in order to help improve their lives.

About the Audiology Plus team

Established just three years ago, Audiology Plus is the award-winning Private Hearing Clinic that truly understands what it means to experience the joy of being able to hear.

Based in Sussex and Surrey, under the leadership of Mr. Piotr Swiatek (Senior Clinical Audiologist and Hearing Aid Consultant), the company works hard to ensure that every one of its clients with hearing impairment has the chance to live life without restrictions. Our clinic is one of exquisite care and exceptional understanding. The joy of hearing is one that everybody should be able to experience, and Audiology Plus always aim to go above and beyond in ensuring that its clients get the care they deserve.

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When delivering patient care, it is imperative that one understands the importance of providing the best care possible for all patients. Putting the needs of patients first, is the key to delivering efficient patient care.

Often it is the small things that makes the difference between a good and a bad experience. Audiology Plus aim is to provide a high quality of clinical care to our patients.

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Did you know?

Conductive Hearing Loss

Conductive hearing loss means that sound isn't conducted adequately through your outer ear canal to the eardrum and the tiny bones, or ossicles, of your middle ear. Conductive hearing loss generally involves a reduction in sound level and results in the inability to hear faint sounds. However, you can still hear people speaking to you, but their speech may sound muffled, weak or far away.
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Sensorineural Hearing Loss

Sensorineural hearing loss is due to damage to the pathway that sends impulses taken from the hair cells of the inner ear to the auditory nerve and the brain. While much of sensorineural hearing loss is age-related, there are other factors that may cause it. Many people with sensorineural hearing loss report that they can hear, but they cannot understand speech.
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The word "tinnitus" comes from the Latin word for "ringing" and is the awareness of sound in the absence of any parallel external sound. This noise may be heard in one ear, in both ears or in the middle of the head. Tinnitus is more common in people with hearing loss; however you can have normal hearing and still have tinnitus.
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How To Help A Hearing Impaired Person Understand You

When someone speaks, clues are gained not only from what is heard but also from what is seen. These clues complement and supplement each other, helping the hearing impaired person to piece together the conversation.
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How to Understand Conversation Better if You Have a Hearing Impairment

When someone speaks, clues are gained from what we hear and what we see. You may be able to create a situation so that as many clues as possible are available.
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Lip Reading

Lipreading is the art of observing and interpreting the movement of lips, tongue and facial expression when helping to convey meaning. Most of the elements of speech are visible, although not all of the elements can be seen.
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Press & Media

We are pleased to announce that Audiology Plus was awarded the Best Private Hearing Clinic of 2020 by SME.

Audiology Plus Ltd has demonstrated excellence, commitment, dedication even in the face of uncertainty. After overcoming such disruption, we believe more than ever, that you should be recognised!

SME News, 2020
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SEA 2020 Awards

Recent News

Just to say thanks for today. You confirmed l didn't need micro suction but simply by having my hearing tested you actually confirmed l had very little to worry about at all. Excellent service with a personal and friendly touch

Lee H. Patient

My husband had not been looking forward to the fact that he has to wear hearing aids and was exceptionally down at the thought. He cannot believe how much he can now hear and also for me it is such a pleasure to have the television turned down to a normal volume level!

Marjorie S. Patient

Over the years I have had appointments with both NHS and private audiologists and had various aids from both sectors. Piotr is without exception the most professional, helpful and charming audiologist I have encountered in many years of struggling with my hearing loss

Farah N. Patient

Hearing Aids

We are proud to offer hearing aids from top brands

Effective communication requires good hearing. Even a fairly mild hearing loss may cause communication difficulty. Hearing aids can make communication easy, however correct fitting of hearing aids is not the final stage. Audiology Plus not only provides hearing aids from leading hearing aid manufacturers, but also provides advice, support, counselling and professional treatment. Our aim is to live life without restrictions.

Oticon Hearing Aid


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Home Visits

Not everyone is able to get to a clinic for medical treatments, so our home visits are suitable for all clients without a GP referral.
Home Visits

Hearing Assessment

Hearing Aids

Tinnitus Management

Ear Impressions

Ear Wax Removal

Hearing Aid Repairs

We are able to provide home visits in the Southeast area.

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